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Flower Season Begins

Today my parent’s celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary. And flower season at the house has begun. The other day they received a bouquet from my mom’s sister. The next day my sister came and brought a bouquet that ironically matched the first one. Today my parent’s received a large bouquet of red roses and irises from my brother. He enjoys splurging on them. Yesterday I took my dad shopping to get something for my mom. He perused the bouquets, potted plants, and orchids. Then he came across some corsages. He remembered how he would get my mom a corsage sometimes a couple times a month as they went to high school dances, then college dances, and then military formals and parties. He picked out a lovely orchid corsage and wrote on the box, “Remember the Saturday evening dances at high school and college in Oshkosh, and the formal parties.” My mom wore her corsage all day. They got out their photo albums that had pictures of some of the events. This day kicks off 3 weeks of celebrations and the house will be full of flowers for the whole period of time.

I Found God today in the joy and memories that flowers bring.

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