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Reunited at Mass

What a beautiful Mother’s Day. I received well wishes and a surprise call from my grandson wishing me a happy mother’s day because I am “indirectly responsible for him being here.” My sister and I made a lovely brunch for us and our parents. We Zoomed with the family as usual. But the most amazing event of the day was going to Mass this morning with my son. I had not been to Mass in a church with live people for almost a year and a half. I knew it would be wonderful, but it was much more than I anticipated. As soon as I heard – and felt – the organ I got teary eyed. That continued throughout the Mass and escalated at the consecration. As I got in line for Communion, I could feel the tears starting to well. When it was my turn to receive the Eucharist, I could barely whisper an “Amen”. Back at my seat I was in a full blown sob with tears streaming down my face. I was glad I was wearing my mask to catch some of them as I had pretty much saturated the only tissue I had. I was overwhelmed with the intimate love of Jesus and incredibly grateful for being in that place. It was like being reunited with a loved one after a long period of time – but so much more than I can explain. As my son and I walked to the car after Mass, I told him that is how I know there is a God. I was glad I was there with him who understands. I had looked forward to going back to church, but in no way did I imagine it would have that affect on me. God’s mercy, love, and peace is truly present in the Mass as it is in no other situation.

I Found God today reuniting with Him at Mass.

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