Generational Connection

My son is having some troubles getting into the house they were to rent, so he, his wife, the 3 kids and 2 dogs spent the day with us. My granddaughter who just turned 6 and my mother had such a sweet connection, it made my heart swell. My mother was playing solitaire on her iPad and my granddaughter wanted to learn. After a few short lessons, she won the game and was ready to help win another one. When we sat down to eat, my granddaughter put a pillow behind my mom’s back when she learned what it was for. She got her napkins and shared her sliced apple. After the meal, my mom got her walker and explained to my granddaughter what it was for. My granddaughter then waited patiently and followed my mom slowly out of the dining room. My mom thanked her for waiting. A little later, my mom played the piano. My granddaughter then played her own tune and titled it, “A Loving Life”. She certainly emulated that today.

I Found God today in the sweet and loving connection between my mom and my granddaughter.

2 comments on “Generational Connection

  1. Tammy – I am enjoying your blog. How sweet of your granddaughter!

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