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They’re Here

During all the upheaval of life, my son and his family decided to move here from the east coast. I could hardly believe it when the decision was made. That seems like forever ago. My daughter in law and two of the kids flew in the other day. It wasn’t a pleasant trip as my granddaughter had motion sickness, but they made it and have been staying with my son who lives here. Meanwhile, my other son, oldest grandson, and their 2 dogs drove across the country. They arrived this evening and everyone came over for food and ice cream. It was quite an exciting family reunion. My grandsons talked about how surreal it was to be here. I agreed, but how wonderful. I have been afraid to allow myself to look forward to their move, lest something go wrong. Yet here they are and a peek of joy has shown through. God is good and bigger than my fears in so many ways.

I Found God today in the joy of seeing my whole family here all together.

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