Move to Memory Care

Well moving my dad into memory care went as good as to be expected. The transportation service I set up from his previous facility to the new one arrived and left without him. No one told us they were there. The head nurse also said no one there knew he was discharging today. It was pretty telling of our experience there. Dad was pretty serene so I went ahead and drove him. On the way he rummaged through the glove box and wondered what all the papers and items were. We talked about the place we were going to as a new rehab type place to help him get stronger. He said he didn’t think he needed it because he’s been traveling the world and is fine. I encouraged him to give it a try. My mom and brother met us there. We met the executive director upon our arrival who welcomed my dad and showed us to his room. He liked it, but thought he would get lonely there and that it is too far away from family. We assured him it’s not too far and he will have lots of visitors. After a bit, one of the caregivers came to get him for lunch. My mom sat with him, but couldn’t eat with him due to the COVID rules, which we knew. However, at that point dad realized she wasn’t staying – she was his “guest” and got upset. They came back to the room and my brother gave them ice cream which we had stocked in his freezer. That always helps. He was still unhappy with the whole situation, so we went for a walk around. We walked outside, saw the mountains and lots of flowers in their gardens. We met lots of really nice and helpful people who all introduced themselves and welcomed him. That tired him out, so we took our leave when he laid down for a nap. In all we stayed about 3 hours with him and were pretty exhausted. A few hours later I received a call from the facility nurse to go over a couple things. She also shared that my dad had been walking outside without his walker, which we knew would happen, but he listened to them and was easily redirected. He told one of the CNA’s that he got back from Germany a couple weeks ago. Evidently he was chatting it up at dinner with those at his table and he’s going to be a social butterfly. Mom was so happy to hear that and got teary eyed because when we were in his room he said he would be so lonely. I remain guardedly optimistic, but more peaceful. I am so grateful for all those who are praying for us.

I Found God today as we were able to move my dad into a place that we hope will be joyful and peaceful.

4 comments on “Move to Memory Care

  1. The day I dropped my mom off at her memory care facility, I felt the exact same way. I knew she would be well-cared-for but that I would miss her every day. The nursing director there told me that the average for for residents to get comfortable with their new surroundings is about 5 to 7 weeks. For us that was spot on. At about 6 weeks on, She seemed much more comfortable, liked her new room, and was markedly more social.
    I am pretty close,, so I see her 4 to 5 times a week. I do find that she gets a little clingy when I tell her I’m leaving so when I am ready to wind down The visit, I will just say I’ll just say that I’m going to the bathroom or that I need to talk to the nurse and and just leave. It seemed mean at 1st but but she doesn’t remember me leaving so it is less stressful for both of us.
    I am so glad that your Dad is in a place where his needs are met. I will continue to pray for your family, love you!

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  2. Our prayers are with you as Tom and your family adjust to his transition to Morning Star. You are making wise and loving decisions, guided by God and your diligent care for everyone in the family. With no posts since July, I knew something was happening. We continue to send our love and prayers. Love Anita & Bob

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