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Returning Hope

I read a meditation by Matthew Kelly today that really spoke to my heart:
“We lose sight of all the good and get consumed by the turmoil we are embroiled in. We are tempted at these times to think that life will never be good again. This is the perspective that steals away our hope. The whole truth is that life is messy, but it is also wonderful and beautiful and awe-inspiring.”
I thought about how true this statement is and how grateful I am for the day. Today, my mom was able to do some of her exercises that she hasn’t been able to do for a very long time. My granddaughter spent a few hours with us while her parents had errands to run. We all had lunch at the park and she played on the playground. Later, my mom, brother, and I visited my dad. So, yes, the day included some turmoil, but it also included joy. I am grateful for it all and that my hope is returning.

I Found God today in returning hope.

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