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First School Days

My son and his family are still waiting to get into the house that they contracted to rent due to unforeseen circumstance. Luckily, that hasn’t stopped the kids from starting school. Yesterday my grandson started his freshman year at the high school less than a mile from our house. He had a smile on his face for his photo and touched base with his parents during the day to let them know that he was enjoying his experience. Today my granddaughter started first grade at the school practically across the street from the house. It occurred to me that it was her true first day of school since Kindergarten was all online. I was so happy to be able to walk with them to drop her off and pick her up as well. At the corner of the housing complex, a couple cares for their granddaughter during the day while her parents work. It just so happened that she also started first grade in that school. We introduced the girls and my granddaughter was even placed in the same classroom. When we were walking back after school, the girls left hold of the adults and held hands with each other. It was so sweet. I feel so blessed indeed to be a part of this joy.

I Found God today as my grandchildren enjoyed beginning school.

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