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In The House

It is hard to believe that my son and his family have been here for 3 weeks already. They were supposed to move into the house that they had set up to rent. However, there were tenants still living in the house who would not leave. The owner of house had started the eviction process and it seemed that the tenants knew exactly how long they could stay until the sheriff showed up. It was an awful, daily worry and roller coaster ride. My son, his wife, and the 2 younger kids were able to stay with my other son, and their older son and the 2 dogs stayed at the cabin while they waited it out. It seemed like every day was a build up and a let down. They were all doing their best to stay positive and keep doing the right thing. But, my mom and I could see the stress wearing on everyone. Finally, at the 11th hour, my son got word that the previous tenants were gone. After the place was cleaned up, the family was able to move in – all together again. I did some cooking for them today and their new dining room set arrived just in time for dinner. When they came over to pick up food, my mom commented on how good it was to see them really smile as we could see the weight lifted off their shoulders.

I Found God today as my son and his family were finally able to move into a home.

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