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Cyclical Faith

My Bible class tonight was packed with spiritual truths to contemplate as we slowly read the Gospel of John. Chapter 6 contains the “Bread of Life Discourse” in which Jesus teaches that He is the bread of life that has come down from heaven and that we must eat of Him to have eternal life = the Eucharist. That is more than our minds can understand now as it was when Jesus spoke the words here on earth. It is enough to leave us pondering forever. Out teacher shared a great image though of faith and understanding that is cyclical. We first must take the leap of faith and choose to believe. When we do this and keep open our communication with God, He gives us more knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. That increases our faith, which then increases our knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. While I am not a scholar by any means, I have certainly found that cycle to be true. And I have realized how important it is to keep open that line of communication with God.

I Found God today with much to ponder.

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