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God’s Greatest Gift

A friend from out of town was here visiting family, so we made plans to get together. When I asked her what she wanted to do, she suggested we pray the Stations of the Cross, then go for coffee. We met up this afternoon at a local church and cried as soon as we saw each and hugged. Praying the Stations of the Cross with her was beautiful and I remembered how much I missed seeing her and sharing faith with her. When we finished praying, she noticed that the sunlight was shining directly through the main stained glass window depicting the crucified Christ. The steam of light was illuminating the red wound in His side. It was breathtaking and felt like God’s gift to us, reminding me that Jesus’ death has taken away my sins, pains, and sorrows. Then we went to a local cafe and got caught up. There were a lot of tears as I talked about my dad’s death and she talked about some of her struggles. I think most of our tears were generated from the hearts of 2 faithful women sharing their life stories with one another. God’s greatest gift to me is heartfelt friendships.

I Found God today in a beautiful friendship.

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