The Ball Game

Yesterday my sister came for the weekend while I had a fun day with my family at a baseball game. In afternoon my son and his girlfriend picked me up and we headed to the big city. There we met my other son and family. We found a place to park not too far away as we got there early for dinner. As we walked towards the baseball park, the energy level in the downtown area heightened. We stopped in a place to eat and it was jammed packed, including all the outdoor seating. However, we waited just long enough for a large table to open up. The music was thumping and I was sure I was one of the oldest people in the place. We toasted to baseball and made our way over to the park after dinner. I was so glad it was good weather. It was my granddaughter’s and grandson’s first time at a major league stadium. One of the very nice attendants allowed them and my son to go way down to the front row to take a picture. Then he gave them a baseball card. After stopping at the store for hats, our party of 8 hiked up the stairs to our seats. We were up pretty high, but right behind home plate so we had a great view. Our team won in a close game at the end, so that was a bonus. It was so good to get out into a completely different scene and enjoy the time with my family.

I Found God today enjoying a baseball game with my family.


Starting Holy Week

I was sad that my mom wasn’t feeling well enough to go to Mass today, but since my sister was still here, I went and brought back some palms. Later, I got my mom set up to watch the Mass online. I thought it was interesting that both of them mentioned Psalm 22, which Jesus quoted on the cross, “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?”. It was common that the religious leaders at that time would quote the beginning of a Psalm and expect the listener to know the rest. If we listen to Jesus in this way, we realize that while Jesus begins with feelings of abandonment, He is saying that He is in fact the One who is bringing about salvation. Psalm 22 ends with, “The generation to come will be told of the Lord, that they may proclaim to a people yet unborn the deliverance you have brought.” I just feel that Jesus has so much to tell us, if only we will listen properly. I look forward to Holy Week and hope to listen to Him well.

I Found God today preparing for Holy Week.

2 comments on “The Ball Game

  1. Tammy! So good to read the “2-fer “. Yes, Bruce and I are both baseball fans and I liked going to the Sky Sox game I attended once. I have never been to a Major League game but Bruce went to see the Red Sox when he was in college at Wentworth in Boston. We went to Fenway Park once on a tour to see the field but not a game.

    Glad you got to go to Mass and liked what you wrote about knowing the END of that Psalm. Yes! You would have enjoyed the singing of the new “children’s choir” we now have with our new music director. She’s WONDERFUL!! More instruments now, too.

    Still missing you…..Love Nancee and Bruce Happy Easter to you and your family!!

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    • Thank you, Nancee! I used to go to the Sky Sox games as well. Now there is a new stadium and a new name! MLB games are pretty exciting all around experiences. I was also glad to be able to go to Mass here. And yes, I would have loved hearing the new children’s choir! I did hear the trumpet. That always adds an element of joy! Have a blessed Easter! Peace!


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