Mom’s 90th

Today we started celebrating my mom’s 90th birthday! After we went to church, we met most of the family at Carrabba’s restaurant – my mom’s choice. She always looks forward to being with everyone and loves how the family is growing. We got a bottle of wine to toast her and she probably had a little more than her usual amount, but was thoroughly enjoying herself. When we got back home, she had to nap for a while. That gave us time to finish getting everything set up. When she got up, we all gathered around to watch her open her pampering gift bag full of smooth moisturizers, soaps, and super soft towels. That should all feel good to her. She donned the tiara and gave her best royal wave. Then she taught it to her great-granddaughter. My daughter in law made her first black forest cake. It was amazing and the whole table was quiet as we enjoyed the chocolatey cherry deliciousness. It was a very good day.

I Found God today celebrating my mom.

2 comments on “Mom’s 90th

  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom. What a gift she is to you yet at this stage of YOUR life! Please pass my birthday wishes on to her for me.


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