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Mom’s 90th Part 2

This morning at breakfast, my mom thanked God for being on this earth for 90 years. My brother and I thanked Him as well. My mom’s friend came over as usual and they played the piano. We used to go out to lunch every week after the private concert, but COVID changed everything. Instead of going out to lunch, we would get take-out. But today, we all went out to lunch. Mom’s choice was Cracker Barrel where she was able to order her favorite chicken and dumplings. We talked to the waitress about mom’s birthday, and she said her birthday was in 3 more days. Suddenly, a voice at the next table started singing Happy Birthday. I looked over and realized it was a friend I hadn’t seen in quite a while. That was a very pleasant coincidence. After lunch, I packed up my mom’s friend a dessert box to go. My mom decided she was ready for more cake, so we enjoyed another piece. She received lots of Happy Birthday messages and a call from my brother who just made it back to the state after travelling. Mom was pretty tired tonight. It’s hard to turn 90, but what a blessing she is.

I Found God today celebrating my mom.

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