Tea and a Game

We wrapped up our month long celebration with a busy day. This afternoon the 4 generations of girls – my mom, me and my 2 sisters, my daughter in law, and my granddaughter – all went to a fancy tea. It was held in a castle that used to belong to the founder of the city. Later, the castle and the grounds were purchased by a Christian organization. Our neighbors volunteer there and generously helped to get it all set up with a substantial discounted rate. After our fancy and delicious dining experience, she gave us a tour of the building. It was fun and interesting and my granddaughter in particular really enjoyed it. It was such a great girl’s day. As an added bonus, I went to a baseball game with my son’s for Mother’s Day. That was a fun time too in a very different way.

I Found God today enjoying family time.

2 comments on “Tea and a Game

  1. I am so glad you got “the tour” of the castle. So did I ….years ago!! So many interesting things to see and learn about. Brings back many memories…bowling alley, copper pipes for water in case of fire, electricity turned on the same time as in NYC, annual Christmas party for kids every year, etc. My Catholic granddaughter-in -law’s father used to work there for Navigator’s before he converted to Catholicism! I used to do a lot of the Navigator Bible studies with groups when I was a Protestant and did their Bible memory courses! Thank you for the memories!!!


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