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Faithfully Stay the Course

This morning the bishop of our Diocese celebrated Mass in our parish. I have seen him once in person and a couple of times online. He is a very humble, peaceful man and always speaks in a way that is important and relevant. Today he pointed out that as Jesus was making His way back to Jerusalem, He knew that He was facing arrest, abandonment, torture, and death. But it was during these times that He was most powerful in His ministry – healing, preaching, and performing miracles. The bishop said that should be a comfort to us. If we are feeling like we are heading down a path that appears to be full of anxiety, fear, chaos, pain, and/or suffering, this is exactly the time where God can be His most powerful. If we continue on His path for our life and remain close to Him, we can trust that He will have the final say. Resurrection will come after death. New life will come after suffering. We need to do our part in prayer, meditation, receiving the Sacraments, and trust God to do His part. After all, His after-plan is more than we can even imagine. The bishop’s message was encouraging and hopeful.

I Found God today as I was reminded to stay the course – faithfully.

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