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Banished to the Basement

Today the hired caregiver came over to care for my mom while I try not to infect her with COVID and try to recover. It was very strange to be banished to the basement and listen to a complete stranger take care of my mom. Surreal and a blessing at the same time. I was able to rest and even nap a couple times. I brought some food downstairs in preparation and put it in the little cube fridge. When I pulled it out for lunch, I found it partially frozen. There’s no microwave downstairs, so I made a makeshift heating element – basically I put the desk lamp to shine on it. Seemed brilliant at the time. It didn’t matter much how it turned out as I can’t smell now and only taste a little. A while later, I noticed the little creche that my dad’s cousin carved was sitting on the table and it made me smile. My sister must have put it up. This evening after my neighbor shoveled our walkway, she brought over a pot of soup. I was so happy to eat that when the caregiver went home. My mom said that the caregiver was very nice and she felt very comfortable with her. I was glad to hear that and am grateful for the blessings of the day.

I Found God today in blessings while I’m sick.

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