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Such Encouragement

My mom woke up early this morning coughing. She had a sore throat and runny nose, but luckily still no fever. The doctor’s office called as we were finishing breakfast to let us know they could do the virtual appointment right away. The PA was a true gift from God as all good gifts are. The first thing she said was that my mom shouldn’t be afraid, that elderly people are recovering from COVID now and so would she. We both exhaled. Then she saw the wall behind us of my dad’s photos of a comet, a solar eclipse, and a lunar eclipse. She asked who the astrophotographer was and we told her about my dad. She said she loved astrophysics and that Carl Sagan saved her life. She shared that she had a rough childhood and he helped her to see beyond the life in her home. I thought she was going to lose it when I told her my dad met him and has his autograph. Then we got back to the COVID conversation. She said she is seeing younger people have more severe symptoms than the elderly at this point. I was happy to be in the “younger” category. She wanted to prescribe antiviral medication but there were too many interactions and risks. She did prescribe some cough medicine and told us what else to do and watch for. During the day, my mom continued with very mild symptoms and said she just felt like she had a cold. I am grateful for prayers and encouragement and feel blessed with this Good Christmas news.

I Found God today in a connection with the physician and that my mom is doing alright.

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