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Calmed The Wind

Yesterday my mom and I bought some artificial flowers to put on my dad’s gravesite as they can stay there for another month. She picked out beautiful pink and white tulips since Valentine’s day is coming up. It was a warm afternoon today and mom felt alright, so we decided to go to the cemetery. As we left the house, the wind was blowing a bit. We remembered that it is always very windy at the cemetery because of it’s location. I prayed all the way there that God would calm the wind for our visit and remembered the scripture that states how God takes care of the widow. It is already so hard on my mother to go – physically and emotionally. When we arrived, sure enough, the wind was whipping. I watched a man get out of his car and bundle up. I made sure mom had on her hat and gloves. I told her I prayed that God would calm the wind for her and that we know He can. She waited in the seat while I got the flowers prepared and the wheelchair out of the car. The wind was blowing the flags straight out the whole time. I told God that now was the time. I got my mom out of the car and we started walking. In just a few moments, I realized the wind had in fact died down. We got to my dad’s site, arranged the flowers, and said some prayers. The sun was warm and the wind was calm the whole time. We thanked God that He would show his love in this small, but big way. We were truly blessed.

I Found God today as he calmed the wind.

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