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Power of Water

My sister and I have been watching “The Chosen” and today were able to watch the final episode of season 3. This series is based on scripture, but focuses on the individual potential stories of the Apostles. It is wonderful plausible story telling along with gospel faith truths that have changed hearts. I, personally, cry at some point during almost every episode. Spoiler alert: this episode brings to conclusion the struggle between Simon, his wife, and Jesus. First, I did a little research, and the Catholic traditions and opinions aren’t unified as to if/when Simon Peter was married. In any case, the story was beautiful, realistic, and emotional. One of the last scenes was Simon walking to Jesus on the stormy sea. As long as he kept his eyes fixed on Jesus, he walked on top of the water. But as soon as he focused on the torrential waves about him, he started to sink. Jesus grabbed him and pulled him up. Simon broke down with cries of, “Don’t ever let me go.” At the same time, his wife was undergoing her own ritual in a calmer setting of stillness and peaceful water. After she was immersed, she had the same prayer, “Don’t ever let him go.” Not only was it a powerful story and scene, it reached the depths of my own soul as I found myself reciting the same prayer with them, “Don’t ever let me go.” It was a good reminder to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus.

I Found God today reminded to keep my eyes on Christ.

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