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Mission Details

Our neighbors who were on the mission trip shared more details of their experience. Here are some that most touched my heart.

“The school gave us the most amazing send-off I’ve ever experienced in all of my overseas teaching opportunities… Students from several grade levels performed traditional dances while other students and several teachers sang traditional songs and spoke about the effect our time over the past month has had on them. There were tears of both joy and sadness from them as well as the teachers and of us as well. It was overwhelming. We felt very undeserving of the honor they were giving us. After all, we came to serve them and yet they were always trying to serve us by their respect, their joy of being with us, and by always wanting to help us in any way….

Our final morning was just as emotional as the performance the day before. As we started walking to the car in front of the school, all 500 students as well as teaching and office staff came out to stand in the courtyard and on the sidewalks and balconies with shouts of cheering and then 45 minutes of photo taking! We were late taking off but still made it to the airport in time.
As our car drove off over 100 students came running alongside the car waving and crying and saying “goodbye Madam…goodbye Sir!” Again, tears flowed from them and from us. It was heart wrenching, but we promised them we would be back next year…

God also provided opportunities for individual encouragement and counsel as teachers and office staff would meet with us after school or on the weekends for advice and prayer about issues or decisions they were dealing with. We had times of sharing Scripture from God’s Word, sharing our own experiences we’ve been through in which we’ve had to rely on God, and praying with them. What a blessing to us that God would use our own past struggles to help others who are struggling and needing guidance.”

I Found God today in a beautiful witness of faith.

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