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Back From Mission

Our neighbors have been away on a mission trip for 6 weeks. They arrived back home today and the husband came over to collect their mail. He talked about their amazing experience for 45 minutes and could have gone on much longer. While they were there, they taught English, introduced the students and adults to Jesus Christ, and served in whatever way was needed. They were in a tiny, poor village, but even still I was surprised to hear that 95% of the people they were with had never seen a white person. They were wary of course, but when it came time for our friends to leave, there were lots of tears. The people there said they had not laughed until our friends came. They were truly immersed into the community and made a huge, joyful impact on the people, as did the people impact them. I look forward to getting together with them to hear more stories.

I Found God today in an impactful mission trip.

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