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Grateful for a Sad Heart

The other day, a friend of mine wrote that she was “grateful for a sad heart” after her aunt passed away. That statement seemed like an oxymoron. Today my parents would have celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary. We all had sad hearts here. I pondered my friend’s gratitude as, to me, the pain my mom and I experience when we think about my dad doesn’t seem like something to be grateful for. However, then I remembered something else I had heard – that grief is love with nowhere to go. The love my mom had for my dad was unwavering during their life together. Now, the love is still there, but she cannot express that to him, though we tried. We did plan on going to the cemetery, but the weather was not cooperative. She decided to do some coloring and picked out a picture of lovebirds to commemorate the day. That was very sweet. I am grateful that I was able to witness what true unconditional love looks like through my parents’ marriage. And so, I guess I too am grateful for a sad heart. It is evidence that true love continues on.

I Found God today grateful for a sad heart.

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