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Grateful For People and Healing

It had been a very long time since I went for a walk outside, so was very happy to go out with friend today. Evidently it had been a very long time since we caught up. We walked and talked and it felt wonderful. As I recounted what I had been up to, I found myself very grateful. I told her about the work my mom and I have been doing over the past year going through our grief journeys individually, yet together. I am grateful for people and organizations who have reached out with resources. I am grateful that there are so many opportunities out there to help people. There’s different counseling, groups, and places that can meet pretty much any needs that a person might have. We participated in Grief support through Hospice and through the church, connected with Stephen Ministry, and the local Aging Center. I am incredibly grateful for people who loved and cared enough to nudge us in a particularly direction. Speaking for myself, each opportunity people pointed me to and that I have said yes to has brought me more understanding and clarity. I am most grateful for people – friends and strangers alike – who have been praying for us. It’s quite a journey, and God’s presence, peace, and healing are certainly felt more and more.

I Found God today grateful for people and healing.

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