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Looking for the Light

A friend has been on my mind recently. This morning I thought of her again as I was praying and took action right away by texting her to see how she was doing. After a while, I received a text back. Then another. Then another. She was really struggling. I stopped, said a prayer, and called her. We talked about life challenges and how things don’t always turn out the way we envisioned. We talked about how difficult it can be at times to believe in a God who allows us to hurt and suffer. That doesn’t feel very much like love. And we asked that age-old question, “WHY?” I, personally, have never found a suitable answer to that question. But I do know that we need one another. When we are in agony, we need people to empathize with us. We need to talk with people who will listen. Often, we find strength in others who are in similar situations. We need faithful people who will point us to God when we are in darkness and can’t find the light switch on our own. My friend and I both needed each other today and were both more hopeful at the end of the conversation. I was glad that I followed God’s prompting to reach out to her.

I Found God today connecting with a hurting friend.

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