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Do Your Part

Tonight in Bible class, the teacher told a great story that shows how God is present right here and now. The other day she was working on her computer and a friend came to mind. She felt she should send her a note, but she felt she didn’t have time and tried to talk herself out of it. However, she followed through on the prompting. She dropped a quick message to her friend saying that God loves her and so does she. The friend called immediately. My teacher did not know that her friend’s marriage was collapsing. The friend was just sobbing and asked God if He were there, she really needed to know that He still loved her. Then she received the message from my teacher. The story reminded me of a video I watched this morning. Matthew Kelly talked about the necessity of each one of us doing our small part. We can feel overwhelmed by the problems of the world, or even our lives. But we can do our small part. That will make an enormous difference.

I Found God today in a story of following God’s promptings and doing our small part.

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