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No Scrooge Here

My dad has had a cold – or something – for the last 2 weeks. It started with a cough, went to his head which cleared up, but the cough lingered. The other night he was up coughing most of the time. So yesterday, we called his doctor and spoke to the nurse who suggested we go to an emergicare. I called ahead so they were all ready to see him when we arrived. The doctor, “Bob” said my dad had the same crud that most of the city has. He prescribed an inhaler and another medication to help calm the inflammation in his bronchial tubes, and all but guaranteed my dad would be sleeping better and coughing less . We were in and out in no time. Sure enough, “Bob” was right. My dad did sleep much better last night. We were all very happy he is feeling a little better.

Tonight we watched “A Christmas Carol”. There are so many versions available, it was difficult to decide which one. My dad wanted to see the one that was closest to the original story. We chose wisely. Not too far in to the movie, Scrooge’s nephew paid him a visit. My dad played that part in a school play about 78 years ago. He wanted to play the part of Scrooge, but his friend was chosen instead. My dad said he remembered saying some of the same exact lines. He enjoyed the movie and reminiscing very much.

I Found God today in a favorable diagnosis and result.

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