Praying With the Pope

The other day I learned that Pope Francis was offering a special blessing to those who would join in praying with him for an end to the pandemic. I found that EWTN would be airing the event, so my parents and I watched and participated from the living room. It was surreal to see Pope Francis in the empty courtyard, walking up to the podium by himself. It was pouring rain and he didn’t even have an umbrella. When the camera faced out, looking at his back, you could see people lined up just outside the barriers, holding umbrellas, and standing 6 feet away from one another. The sky was bleak and continued to darken, but the reflection and prayers were enlightening. The Gospel story was read about the apostles in the boat during a storm, while Jesus slept. They woke him wondering if he didn’t care if they all died. Jesus asked them why they were afraid and what had happened to their faith. The pope’s words were timely, encouraging, and hopeful. You can see the video here. It takes up the first hour of the time.

I Found God today participating in a world wide prayer for an end to corona virus.

2 comments on “Praying With the Pope

  1. Hi Tammy, I watched it to. Also, participated in the Adoration from home. It was all so moving and welcomed. With the shutdowns Brenda ad I miss seeing Jesus and receiving Him each day. He has His plans and the Pope’s actions and broadcast was a welcomed gift and relief. Stay well Best to Jake. Bob


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