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Spring 2020

This time of quiet leaves us a lot of time to ponder and reflect. A friend wrote down her thoughts from the past week and shared them with us. I thought it was a beautiful meditation worth passing along:


March, with its wind, rain, and snow
Has brought with it
A new kind of day.

Yes, the sun still shines,
The snow is melting,
Buds are popping,
Spring has arrived.

But, as we sit alone and
ponder the unknown, we wonder
Who or what is this unwanted, uninvited
guest intruding into our lives,
Disrupting the entire world and causing  
so much suffering, uncertainty, and confusion.

How can life change so rapidly,
Propelling us to move from one lifestyle to another,
From everyday freedoms to unheard of restrictions,
To “Yes, I’ll talk to you but you must stay six feet from me,
and don’t forget your mask!”
The silence of the neighborhood – unnerving!

This swiftness reminds me of Palm Sunday,
The day on which Christ was celebrated with Hosannas
And just a few days later, the cry was “Crucify Him.”
How one joyous occasion morphed into sorrow.

To quote from a Lenten homily “This is Friday
and Sunday is coming,”
And now Sunday is here with its promise of renewal,
Hoping for more faith, hope, love, and trust in the One
Who, with His own two hands,
Created this beautiful world for all to enjoy.

Suffering will be with us always
But unexpected joys and miracles will intercede.
God bless all!

I Found God today in a thoughtful reflection from a friend.

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