Repair and Transformation

A neighbor came to chat while I was snipping off the dead roses this afternoon. He asked what was written on my t-shirt. I was wearing one of my Workcamp shirts from years ago. This one said, “Repair. A story of transformation”. We talked about the Workcamp experience and how the meaning of the slogan had many levels. On the surface, we were repairing homes and transforming them into a better place. As each crew worked, they offered a loving, Christian perspective to the residents, giving them an opportunity to be transformed. Together, with all the other crews, we saw a transformation in the community. By participating in the Workcamp programs, each individual was invited into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ who could repair our fears and failures. I know I was transformed during each Workcamp that I attended. Reflecting on them at this time reminded me of God’s amazing love and capability.

I Found God today remembering the transformation of Workcamp.

2 comments on “Repair and Transformation

  1. Amen, Tammy!
    I always though the 2 workcamps changed me as well!


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