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Ghost Town

Today we took a drive to one of our favorite little towns. It was considered a “ghost town” years ago. Then the gambling moved in and it has been bustling ever since. However, with the pandemic in full force, it was pretty quiet. Several businesses have closed, many buildings were empty. A few casinos had their doors open with signs posted directing which way to enter and the social distancing rules. There was a Corvair car show happening with about 25 beautiful old vehicles, so there were some people milling about. We spotted the sheriff and his wife wearing 1800’s attire. The steam train was running and invited people in for a ride – as long as masks were worn. A great melding of the old with the new I suppose. In any case, it was nice to take a drive and see what was going on in the old town.

I Found God today taking a drive and getting a new perspective.

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