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Day of Rest

It was a cool, cloudy, and eventually rainy day today. My dad decided from the morning that this would truly be a day of rest. He woke up to take his morning pill, then went right back to sleep. My mom woke him a couple of times after that for breakfast and he just didn’t want to get up, so he kept right on sleeping. I figured he was responsive, so we just let him be until he finally roused himself after 11:00. That set the tone for the day. My mom took several naps. I spent a lot of time enjoying the outdoor scenery until it was too wet to do so and napped myself. We watched the clouds, watched the rain, and watched the fog roll in and out. We did watch Mass and enjoyed our family Zoom meeting. But we enjoyed the real day of rest most of all.

I Found God today in a real day of rest.

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