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Praying Virtually Together

A friend from my prayer group has been battling cancer for over a year now. He actually has no more cancer at this point which is amazing. But he has been struggling with the effects of the disease and the treatments. There are times when he is doing great and has even gone to play golf with his sons. And there have been times when he declines. The prayer group received a message from his wife today who was very concerned as he has taken a turn for the worse. The group wanted to come together and pray for him. Not being able to physically be with him and his family, we decided to do a Zoom meeting. We spent most of the 40 minutes just lifting him and his family up in prayer, asking for peace and courage, and being grateful for all that we have learned from him so far. It was wonderful to be together with most of the group and rally behind our ill friend and his family.

I Found God today being able to pray for a friend virtually together.

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