Redemption Through Suffering

Tonight in my Bible class, we finished studying the book of Job. The verse for our prayer and contemplation was Job 42:2, “I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.” As I meditated on these words, my thoughts went immediately to my father. I know that God can cure him of the dementia he is struggling with. I know God can stop his suffering instantly by taking him home. At the same time, I know that God allows all things through His Divine Will and purpose. Our life here on earth is temporary and God’s ultimate goal for us is to bring us to Heaven where we can live in His peace and loving presence forever. All of the things that happen in our lives have the potential of bringing us closer to God. But, like Job, our part is not to lose hope or faith, but to pray and seek God even more. Job didn’t hide his emotions, but he did maintain his dialogue with God. There is no good answer as to why we and those we love suffer. But, if we can trust that God is taking care of all things, there is redemption in the end.

I Found God today being reminded that we can participate in redemption through suffering.

2 comments on “Redemption Through Suffering

  1. I love reading your posts – it is like having a daily devotional book online.


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