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All Of Me

As I thought more about my big birthday and what I wrote yesterday, I realized that while it is important to take good care of my body, it is equally as important to care for the rest of me. We talk about the human person being made up of body, mind, and soul. I would add emotion to that. I think our emotions are really a separate category. To me, the way I am “feeling” can be a result of how my body is feeling, or what I’m thinking about, or the current state of my soul. In any case, I tended more to my whole person today. I have been trying to add the Divine Office to my morning prayer routine. I’m doing my best to feed my soul by connecting with God before anything else. I had my Bible class tonight, so I was challenging my mind and nourishing my soul as well. Also today, I went to a caregiver’s group. This particular session is about processing your emotions, which is why I have been thinking about them. It came at a perfect time when I felt my emotions were running the show. Acknowledging and trying to understand what I’m feeling and why makes me more capable of managing my emotions. When I am able to take some time to take care of all of me, I am more at peace and hope it makes me a better person to others.

I Found God today realizing the importance of caring for all of me.

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