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For my bible class, I have bee reading “Three Philosophies of Life”, by Peter Kreeft. It takes you through three books of the bible and what they say about the meaning of life. Ecclesiastes begins by daring to ask the question, “What is life all for anyways?” According to the author, it’s all futile. Nothing is gained, nothing is lost but life itself in the end. Everyone and everything has the same outcome – death. Somewhat depressing. The next chapter is on Job whose suffering was intense. And though he continued to pray, he challenged God for the meaning and purpose of suffering in life. Finally we come to Song of Songs, which is the book I’m studying this week and am happy to have reached. Song of Song answers the questions of the first two books. LOVE. Life is about love. We are created in love, by love Himself, to be loved by Him, to love Him, and to love those around us. Life is one big love story between us and God. I have never delved into reading philosophy, but I have very much enjoyed reading this particular book along with the scriptures. It requires thoughtful consideration and pondering and I appreciate that.

I Found God today pondering the meaning of life.

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