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Unexpected Support

In my bible class tonight, we broke into small groups as we do each week to discuss the homework questions. One of the questions was, What deeds of yours would you hope to be remembered for? My answer was that as difficult as it is to care for my parents and as much as I fail, I would hope that I am bringing a better quality of life for them. That started quite a discussion. Of the six people in my group, all but one had experience in caring for a parent. The support, prayers, and encouragement that came from the group was unexpected and somewhat overwhelming. One of the members said she was praying for a friend in who asked her advice on moving in with his parents to care for them. It was a very similar situation to mine. There were tears and gratitude and prayers and blessings all around. You just never know what God will do when you speak from your heart.

I Found God today in unexpected support.

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