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New Haircut

I have loved the young woman who has been cutting my and my mom’s hair for a couple of years now. So, I was pretty sad when she told me she was moving. It is so hard to find a new hairdresser. A friend connected us with her person for my mother. We went there today. The place was nice, small, quiet, intimate, but spacious. The woman who cut my mom’s hair was super nice and gentle. It seemed to be a perfect match. While my mom was being attended to, I met a woman who was waiting. She told me about her experience caring for her mother. As I have said before, we (caregivers and/or people in my generation) seem to have the same struggles, but the stories vary slightly. And it is important to share those stories. Her mother passed away a couple of months ago. It was an unexpected conversation that I think we both benefitted from as we encouraged one another. My mom was tired after her cut, but beautiful. I was grateful for the connection.

I Found God today in a wonderful haircut experience.

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