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Go Up

Today I went to a grief support group. We were to tell about one of the things we loved the most about our loved one who died. I always loved how my dad took us on adventures. Even though I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since I was 4 and couldn’t physically participate well, my dad included me in everything and pushed me to do what I could. In the group, I told the story of how my dad took me and a friend to Mesa Verde. It is a place where dwellings are built into the side of a cliff. I was about 13 at the time. At one point in the tour, we were to climb a ladder up the face of the cliff to hand and footholds on the side of the rock. I was terrified. I made it up the ladder, but was afraid to go further to the handhold. My dad was behind me and said, “You can’t go back, you have to go forward,” I did, and lived to tell about it. That statement became somewhat of a mantra for me. At the end of our group session, the leader read a quote for today, “When you think you are down for good, simply start affirming. What an advantage to have hit bottom. The bottom is as far down as I can go. The only direction from here is up. And up I am going.” Seemed a fitting thought to end with.

I Found God today reminded to go up.

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