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Mom’s 91st Birthday

It has been a whirlwind of a couple of days here. My brother has been visiting and we have been celebrating my mom’s birthday. We have also been trying to get her Parkinson’s medication better regulated which has been difficult and exhausting. But, today was my mom’s actual 91st birthday. She woke up with energy and when we asked what she wanted to do on her birthday, she said, “Go to the zoo!” It was a beautiful day, so my brother and I loaded up the wheelchair and off we went. I had her wear her “It’s my birthday” headband and she received a lot of, “Happy birthday!” wishes from people. Her favorite animal to see is the giraffe and they are the first that you come to. She and my brother fed them lettuce while I took pictures. Then we watched the meerkats run around and saw a lion up pretty close through the glass. After we had lunch my mom was tuckered out, so we went home. She had all her favorite foods and whatever she desired – blueberry banana pancakes, a hamburger at the zoo, chocolate milk shake, chili soup for dinner, and more birthday cake. She got phone calls and messages from friends and family. It was quite a day. She really enjoyed it and I feel very blessed to share it with her.

I Found God today celebrating my mother’s birthday.

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