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Depth Perception

Tonight my prayer group talked about the upcoming Gospel for Sunday which is the account of the Transfiguration of Jesus. In the story, three of Jesus’ disciples witness Jesus in His glory. Then, they are overshadowed by a cloud – God – who tells them to listen to Jesus. In our discussion, we realized that we tend to think of an oveshadowing cloud as a sign of a storm. Perhaps that’s what we feel like when we are going through a difficult time – like we are in the midst of a storm. When I look at the mountains in this beautiful sunny place, I can see them in one dimension as I view them straight on from a distance. However, when clouds roll by and cast their shadows on the mountains, it is more obvious that there are hills in front and others further back. I notice the crevices and shapes of the ridges. I see more depth. It is in the shadow of the cloud that God spoke to the apostles. Perhaps when we feel our lives are in the shadow of a storm, it isn’t about doom and gloom, but an opportunity for us to deepen our experience with God.

I Found God today pondering the depth of God.

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