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Life is Not Mine

Over the past 3 days, my parents and I have been watching a parish retreat. The priest offered a different way of viewing sins – as wounds. Our wrongdoings certainly have an effect on us and on our souls. He led meditative prayer to ask God to heal those wounds. One thought that stuck with me was that we have been told over and over again that our life is our own, that we need to pursue all our dreams, our wants, and our desires. The young priest who identified himself as a millennial, said that particularly young people are being taken up in this idea that is prideful and eventually leads to sadness and frustration. He went on to say that if we think life is all about us, we are selling ourselves short. We are missing the fact that we are part of something much bigger and more beautiful than we can imagine. There was much to ponder in the 1-hour presentations and the contemplative prayer provided enlightenment.

I Found God today in a meaningful retreat.

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