One Year Anniversary

I can’t believe it has been one year since my dad died. In some ways it feels like forever – at other times it’s like yesterday. My mom and I have been anticipating this anniversary. I had scheduled the Mass to have him remembered today. We planned on going to church, then to lunch with a friend. It was frigid cold, and my mom didn’t feel well this morning, so we decided not to go. Some of the people in my prayer group were going to join us for Mass, but they let me know that the church was actually closed and there was no Mass. I was glad we didn’t venture out. We read the heartfelt memory notes that were written by the family, cried a little, and ate chocolate. We unexpectedly received flowers and notes. We toasted to my dad with ice cream – his favorite next to chocolate. It was a tough day, but it was so nice to know that others were thinking of us and remembering my dad. I still pray for my dad and feel him. And I trust that God has him.

I Found God today remembering my dad and trusting God.

2 comments on “One Year Anniversary

  1. How wonderful to celebrate your Dad and know how he touched so MANY lives. My favorite book mark is the photo prayer card for your Dad. I use it almost daily and think of all our dear Damon angels who share such distinctive features! While I miss them all, I am grateful for the fond, loving memories!!! Blessings to you, Tammy, and to your Mom. Wish we lived closer together. Love, Kathy


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